Monday, January 31, 2011

The First of 2011

My cats are different.

Underexposed shock

Regal Tuftage

I will watch you do dishes

Wide lens for wide cat

I know it's pet heavy, but it's been a busy month. At least it's something, I suppose.

For the nerd update - I got tired of my Hero either running acceptably for four hours or running poorly for 9, so I went ahead and got a new phone - the EVO Shift 4G. I'm not sold on 4G yet, but this phone is how android should have run from the beginning. Shame the hardware just wasn't ready yet two years ago. The camera on it is also incredible for what it is, and it actually shoots a wide aspect ratio picture. I understand it's one of the new-fangled rear-illumination sensors, which probably explains why it's so nice. Of course I'd be most excited by that, right?

The Last of 2010

Patapsco under ice

Look I found (very) green

Pupal stage


Taco and Mr. Whiskey

Sure is frozen...

I find a certain amount of calm to come from shivering my ass off in the name of simply being outside. A prolonged stretch of 20-something degree days will give you an entire state park to yourself, and if you're careful, you'll find things worth looking at. Also, I really do seem to be good with finding color - look at that wonderful deep green that comes from the algae out of the creek!