Monday, April 19, 2010

An update:

So... it's been lord knows what, like two months since I've updated?

Let's see what's happened since the blizzard:

1) Still living in Laurel.
2) Still driving a Nissan Sentra.
3) Not spending anywhere near enough time outside because I don't live near anything worth going to.
4) I hate going to work but I enjoy working with the people I work with.
5) Exploring the world of not having a pile of cash.

It has been a significant length of time since I've been out photographing anything. I blame that, primarily, for my lack of activity here. Seeing as how this is more or less a photo blog, that makes sense to me. Why not? Well, partly, I think I have reached sort of an impasse involving a cross-section of the gear I have and the places I have access to. I am going to try to force myself around that in the next few weeks because I don't think it's fair to me or my gear.

I have been driving. A lot. In the 10 months I have had my car, I've put almost 18,000 miles on it. Next week, I will be driving to and from Tallahassee - an additional 900 miles each way. I love this car, but by the time I am done paying it off, I will have put its 180,000th mile on it.

On the nerd front, I got an HTC Hero from Sprint for my upgrade this year. Android's pretty cool, and I do have to say I enjoy this phone more than I ever enjoyed the iPod touch. I blame the fact that the keyboard is actually easy to use and that I can do things like read PDFs without stupid secondary apps. For what it's worth, I think it plays music at a higher quality level than the iPod touch.

We got an iPad at work. Shiny, but otherwise a lot like an iPod touch if you get the wifi version. Neat trick with the keyboard, though, you can put the rest of it somewhere else and type unencumbered. Being able to touch-type helps, though. In a related note - I have gotten so used to the Dell Mini 9 keyboard that I try to type as if it were what I'm using regardless of whatever the laptop I'm on were it.

So, in conclusion: I'm going to try to picasa up an album before the end of May, but I may not succeed since my export software needs to be registered and I just don't have the money right now. I'll put up at least one flower picture from this year, though!