Tuesday, May 26, 2009

LEGO and an update

So, I've been busy blowing a lot of money on Lego sets. I have almost all of the original run of PowerMiners crap, everything but the little guy. I also have the Crystal King, which hasn't been released yet. He's the big guy holding a chap with dynamite over the guy with some kind of vacuum claw.

brooding orange dude

crystal king

sulphirix is angry

The other few here.

Some additional information -

1) I bought a bike. I may not have told you guys that, but that's what I've been doing after work most days instead of photography. I can bike at least 5 miles easily, I can barely run a quarter mile without feeling like my knees are being shot. I have tried to take my camera with me, at least, and I've even stopped to snap a few shots, but so far, it hasn't been my primary focus. I need the exercise more than I need pictures of the same crap over and over again.

That includes this weekend - I went on a four mile ride through Daniels, from the trailhead to where I found the frogs last year. Great trail to ride on, nice and fast as far as I can tell, and I only had to talk to three horses.

2) I've been finding it difficult to find the motivation to go out lately. I don't know why, but it's been a problem. I've been trying to at least take pictures around here, though, so there's that. I would guess a big part of the problem is that my car is becoming more and more of a labor to drive. This week, my blower motor resistor pack failed, so I had to order a replacement and will be installing that ASAP so I can have AC if I need it and ventilation when it rains. Additionally, the wiper intermittent amplifier assembly seems to have failed; i can hear the relay clicking on intermittent, and the motor runs at both low and high, but while that relay is operating, the wipers won't move. Clicking through that speed onto another one will create weird jerks in motion as the wipers get shorted across two terminals and move, then locked onto one and frozen out while the intermittent relay is still open. Very weird. Oh, also, the valve cover gasket needs a replacement, and the suspension is tired. Anything else?

Monday, May 11, 2009


Josh - do you still recommend the PN-40?

I bought Garmin's TOPO 2008 because it was on half-off at REI, and everything is about 300 feet to the east of where it should be most places throughout the Washington area. Patapsco Valley was more or less ok, but most of 29 is too far off, all of College Park is wrong, and the further toward Virginia I go, the more messed up it gets. If I can't trust it for identifying where creeks that cross the BW Parkway are, what good is it for anything else?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm not dead yet

apple blossom

night heron

dumb mallard face

fisheye cat

tuckered out

Apparently, I have 45 photos from the last 20 days or so that I need to do something with. I mostly forgot because of one thing, then I bought a bike and put some stuff on it, and now it's been rainy so I thought about buying the FA 31mm f1.8 Limited lens for a while. I even had it in a cart from B&H today for about 15 minutes.