Tuesday, January 20, 2009


cat 1

desk and lens

Some more here.

Initial impressions? Shake reduction sure will be nice, but more than anything else: I have ISO 100, and I don't have to go into menus to control metering area or focus modes. Two wheels is a bit of a gimmick at this point, but I don't know - maybe I'll start shooting in manual as a response. I can't complain about the JPEG quality, but I don't have anything with any significant color in it here at my apartment. I think tomorrow, I will spend my lunch break taking pictures of all the junk I have on top of my desk from various angles. Autofocus is fast, the shutter is smooth, and buying this camera also upgraded my AF360FGZ because it actually supports being a wireless master controller. I'm going to go play with my stuffed santa after I finish this post.

It's heavy, though, and it doesn't quite hang right from the fingers the way the *ist DL does. I also need to get a better feel for why it shows me ISO on the status LCD in Av instead of shots remaining; I can sort of understand that being in the viewfinder, but not where you have to take your eye away from it. I haven't used live view yet. I might go to Patapsco Valley with a macro lens and tripod this weekend to play.

Update: Here, this was fun...


Hey remember that one time when I used to take a lot of pictures? But how it sort of also used to only happen during the summer?

Well... I have a bit more of a reason to take pictures in the next couple of years:


Tax man said "Go stimulate the economy" so I went to Penn and bought a K20D. First shots to follow as soon as I'm done getting the battery charged, getting the Photo Lab software installed and updated, and getting the custom settings done the way I want them.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wildlife Refuge, mostly sans wildlife

Today was a little walk before I finished cleaning my apartment, no new territory covered, though.






The rest are here, a total of 52 images out of the 130 I took. I shot raw and processed, as usual, but wow is that ever a lot of work for a large number of pictures. Oh well.