Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Guinness likes pretzels.

Guinness enjoys pretzels.
Guinness 2

Right now, I'm surrounded by a couple inches of snow and a good part of my family. Tomorrow we're looking at some sort of fury-of-God snow emergency... but at least I got my memory card and reader back before that happened!

I hope the readership (what little of it there may be left paying attention) is enjoying their winter!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thanksgiving - finally

I'm just going to post some shots without much commentary. Most of the photos came from the 16-45 or the 43. All natural lighting.

Rough estimate for attendance this year: 50

This is the dinner part of dinner. Not pictured: two varieties of turkey, ham, yams, potatoes, gravy.

Uncle Dave decided the leaves needed to go. The most effective way to do this? Ride-on.

Here's my brother looking at the dams we used to build up in the summer.

I think it was Conner's first time shooting a shotgun. Big deal, big whoop whoop.
first shot

The rest. A few were pretty bad because I forgot to pay attention to either ISO or aperture. Eh, at least it's something to look at.