Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ah, Technology

I have a "home theater" setup - my crappy discount Insignia 24" tube TV, the digital OTA box I got today, my Comcast digital cable tuner, Samsung DVD/VCR combo unit, and Sharp CD changer that sits on the floor to provide audio amplification. Five remotes... if not for the guy in the stand gadget behind them, I'd have to use all of that to enjoy my idiot box.


This photo brought to you by needless application of a fast lens.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

McGuyver up in this

handtruck 1

handtruck 2

The locking pin for the bottom plate extension had a keyring-style pull tab on it with a couple of washers to provide shim space between the hole and the body of the hand truck. The ring got all kinds of jacked up when someone ran the cart into a door, then I ran it into another one and knocked the ring clean out. The washers are gone, too, so after much confusion, then an epiphany, and finally a realization of the system's operation, I went ahead and bent a small paperclip around the rod a few times, then bent a large one around the area of a coke bottle right at the lip that sits under the cap's screw threads, then passed it through and taped it up so nobody would injure themselves.

I win.

Hey look, an update!

I've been busy. A lot.

Here's one reason:


Somebody drove by, hit my car to break its mirror glass, and then hit the car in front of me to knock its driver's side mirror assembly clean off. Insurance... is sure insurance, so I went ahead and ordered a piece of glass for it for $25.01 shipped. You'll note this is a full order of magnitude less than the insurance deductible for the repair, $250.

Anyone know what kind of magic grey goop they use to affix mirrors to cars? I have a few days to think about it.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Aw, look at that - decabirthday!

Fun not only for Mudkips, but also for the lighting. It was kind of unintentional, but it makes it look almost sinister. Off-camera flash on this one.

And, IMGP0001 (number 2)
How inspired. Well, at least I made it finally.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


So - I'm watching Fellowship of the Ring, and since I've seen it a thousand times, I'm paying attention to all manner of other things, and I open up the battery compartment on my air-band radio scanner. Lo and behold, batteries with built-in testers!

Remember those?

Ah, for the halcyon days of 2003, when mere resistive paper strips were still affordable in a world concerned less about profit margins.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Update: Day 7

  • My cat's favorite place to sleep while I'm gone is on my kitchen counter.

  • I get BBC news over the air.

    • BBC news is very excited by the US election cycle

    • They're also really happy about Clinton leaving the race

    • Evidently, this is not a distinct channel; it's really on MPT.

  • I have a brand new dishwasher. Literally.

  • I move big stuff tomorrow after 10am.

    • You may note that it's supposed to be a million degrees tomorrow.

  • At least now, I can live here, as I have my kitchen fixings.

This post brought to you by HTML lists.

Monday, June 2, 2008

on moving

An excerpt from a status email I'm writing about my move-out process:

I have most of the loose junk from all over my room boxed. Yesterday, I took all of my music stuff over to the apartment and hid it in various places so it continued to look like nobody lived there yet. That exposed a great deal of floorspace, so much so that you wouldn't even recognize the place now! I should take a picture when I get home.

The cat was enjoying himself while I had my entire train of junk stacked up all over my bedroom with a big trash bag and big recycling bag next to each other in front of the fridge, but later turned on me and went insane after I had everything cleared up and he could actually move about the room uninhibited. He started yelling at empty patches of walls, at the two stacks of finished boxes I made, and bare carpet over near my computer. He also decided that he really needed to get inside of a box containing a t-shirt, two pairs of gloves, and the original packaging from my Panda-Z figurine. I had placed my bucket on top of it to keep it shut, and he went over right after I turned off the light and started trying to open the box without first removing said bucket... THOOMP THOOMP THOOMP came the sounds from the wall as I sprung forth from my bed while trying to figure out whether or not I wanted to yell at him to feel better about myself. The box ended up in the closet on top of my underwear and he went to sleep shortly after another tour of "HEY! EMPTY CARPET! I SEEEEEE YOU....." with much pouncing on the imaginary rats and small children he must think live there.

The important lesson for this part of the story is that if you really, really want to confuse a deaf animal, clean up your room. I can't wait to see what happens when I rearrange the living room later today, and then again tomorrow when I shampoo the other part of the carpet.