Sunday, October 22, 2006

Kitty kitty redux, Lemur Lemur, and Otter Otter


Lords of the forest


Gallery is up here finally - last night I tried to be lazy, but no matter what I did, jAlbum thought my 190-some-odd pictures needed to be 22.something megabytes. Now it's much less than that.

I don't know, make whatever conclusions you want - I like otters. :-!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Kitty kitty

Nose to nose


Not a kitty

I saw the tiger cubs today. I also took some pictures of other things I missed last week. I think at least a couple of the tiger cub pictures are magnificent, and the playful nature of some of the technically awful ones that I left in is worth sharing anyway.


Thursday, October 12, 2006

Some random fall musings

fall is here



Sparrow staredown

Just some stuff. The hawks, I saw a big old female up on top of HJP; by the time we made it back out of the union, she was gone. On my way to the office, she came back... chased by two smaller birds, the ones you see in that picture. Good times.

As for the sparrows and mockingbird, I had the camera out hoping to capture a ruby crowned kinglet that's been frequenting the trees outside the transportation services office this afternoon. The kinglet wasn't there, so I "wasted film" on what was around. I like the one above, but it would have been nice if it had turned out a bit sharper, or less chromatically aberrated.

Eh, whatever - good times.

Sunday, October 8, 2006

Patapsco Valley - Cascade Falls

Top of the Falls

Whole Falls View

Middle Descent Section

Rest of the results in the gallery as usual. I chose not to comment on them as they're pretty self-explanatory. The shots of the middle section are a bit different - they were as low as I was willing to rock climb with $1200 bucks of breakables on my back, and the part where I had stopped for the third picture there was free from convenient tripod landing. I sat with a rock very uncomfortably under me and my backpack stuffed with various sharp camera parts (mostly my MX) on my lap; I used that as a tripod. It worked out, as the 1/10th shutter speed gave a sort of violent feel to the falls that was somewhat in line with my trip to that particular part.

Let's see - what's of note? I used a 4x ND filter on my 16-45 for the most part. I tried to buy a stepping ring that would pop those onto any of my 49mm threads along with my 67->52, but the guy gave me something that mounts 49mm filters to a 52mm thread. Oh well; I got to use the polarizer on my 24mm on the MX, so we'll see how that turns out when I get a chance to take the film in. Yeah, I shot some film - I forgot how luxurious the old 70's pentaprism is in comparison to anything modern. Of course, it also fogs up when I get close to it and the meter was being particularly fussy today. Ah, the joys of 30 year old technology.

After about 15 minutes of tripod work, three guys showed up. The lead addressed me; "Hey bro, we'll be out of yo way in a couple minutes." I foolishly said "Take your time," as they proceeded to ruin any meaningful vista of the falls up close. He busted out his EOS 1D of whatever vintage and some kind of gigantic short-range L lens so they could blast tastelessly generic R&B while doing publicity shots of some guy in expensive clothes who seemed angered by the fact that he barely got cell signal up there. Vomit. I got sick of listening to them and left for the other side of the river. I missed out on the viaduct, but I need to go back in a couple weeks anyway to get the better leaf colors anyway.

Well, let that be that - I did have fun and it was a nice day for going up there.

Saturday, October 7, 2006

Awash in dreary fall weather

Asleep through some leaves

I still love prarie dogs

The sea lion pups have gotten big


We went to the zoo today. I was surprised by how much time I got to take pictures, but most of them were quite difficult thanks to terrible/dim lighting. Good fun though. The rest are here.


Monday, October 2, 2006

Sweet and Sour

Puppy dog

Not so cuddly:
Little green spider

Some extras: here!

It's been hard, but hey. That spider, for the record, was about the width of a rubber seal around the top of my car. Reversed 28 for it.