Friday, November 25, 2005

So much for etiquette

This evening, I started my first thread at TJNR.

It was a thread lamenting crappy google search strings, as well as a plea for totalfarker input regarding why several TFers visited my page. Finally, I closed with a request for other silly google search strings.

Reply 1: "idiot"

Reply 2: (moderator) "DHURRRR I'M A RETARD AND GOOGLE IS FOR SEARCHING" [topic locked /]

This is shit. I therefore chose to remove all signs of personality from my profile and changed my password to random beating upon the keyboard.

My thoughts on the issue:
Such a crappy community doesn't deserve my input. I have enough of a Dante complex stemming from my all-empowered role at work that I don't take kindly to people dismissing my meager contributions to their shitty cliques on the Internet. Why waste my time trying to contribute if it only gets me called something that I'm not?

Sorry, Liz... I really wanted to help, but it's evident that your readers don't give a damn about what I have to say.

In related news, I'm sick of selflessly devoting myself to the needs of others. Every day I'm awake, I throw myself at the mercy of my community, be it office or class or digital-life. I'm sick of going so underappreciated as to be mocked for listening to a guitar solo. I'm sick of hearing others snicker at my intelligent contributions to classroom discussion. I'm sick of having my intellect questioned by random fucking retards on some shitty board I have no connection to. That's it, I'm done.

Profanity aside, you people are lucky I have any regard for you at all... I think that, were it up to me, none of this would be here right now and you would be staring a mockingbird in the face for the duration of your visit. Hell, I'm half-tempted to do that now as it is. You keep it up... I dare you; that'll be what happens.

Whatever, not like it makes any difference to me in the end.

Strong Yeast Flavor

Okay, seriously... I want someone to explain this to me:

Strong Yeast Flavor
Why did sixty-some-odd people reach my website by searching for that exact same string?

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

New pictures

Two new galleries (at long last)

Fall on Campus: A collection of crap that looked neat on campus.
Fall in Columbia: More or less pictures I took one day whilst bored. Except Pan-Taron.

Enjoy, or don't.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Oh hey, I have an idea

Let's all search for exactly the same retarded string on google!


I should inform you that, near as I can tell, each and every single one of those represented a unique hit. This is, in a nutshell, why I hate the Internet.

Fer Cryin Out Loud

You have to be kidding me
This crap isn't funny any more.

How long before those stupid things refresh themselves?

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Nat Drops the F-Bomb

I can't wait till search engines recache my site, because:

I actually retroactively edited out all occurances of her name! [she whose name shall not be written] has become a cancer upon my life.


Cross whoring

Yeah... I became compelled to register an account at That's Just Not Right, an Internet ... well, pop culture forum/news-site yesterday. I posted an introduction and was adopted pretty quicklike, but then I posted a few other places to avoid going over the 40% in Newbie Intros thing... anyway, yeah. I killed three of the threads I posted in, it would seem, and I don't know where else to post. It's been so long (Early 2004) since I participated in a message board, I have trouble wrapping my head around millions of posts by people I don't have any reason to care about yet. What's worse, all of the threads after about half a page appear to be a week old, and those more recent threads have like 8000 posts in them. I don't feel like trying to get in on those, so instead, I feel like a lurker waiting for "new" threads to post in.

Such is life.

Anyway, to those of you who wonder why "this asshole killed the thread," I extend something of a welcome and hope I haven't offended you too deeply. Here's a picture of a Ewe to make amends:

Ewe, like a sheep

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

what the hell is wrong with you people?

THERE IS NO USEFUL INFORMATION ABOUT [she whose name shall not be written] AT THIS WEBSITE.

I don't like the idea of going back and censoring my own writing, but jesus christ, the only search result anyone clicks on is for her, and this is clearly not the kind of site where you're going to read valuable information about her. Good god, leave it alone, please!