Saturday, December 24, 2005

Holiday Joy Season

So it's been a long few weeks here... I apologize, as I have been too busy to keep my five readers up-to-date on content.

Done with my last real term, I can finally sit back and breathe easy. My grades were okay, I got a C, two Bs, and an A so far. English is still out, so I don't get to celebrate just yet (in spite of being confident of A or B level work). I did nothing but write papers for the last three weeks of the semester, so I don't know how well they ended up, especially the later of the series. Next term I'm registered for Germanic Mythologies and the survey Shakespeare course. That's it, then: done.

I'd been getting done preparing for the next Coordinator to take over while I stepped up to be interim supervisor of classroom support operations. I continued doing nice things for the people I thought deserved it, but in my race to get out of the office Wednesday night, I forgot to run reports for the winter term. Oh well, I'll have to do that when I get back. No big deal.

I'm in Sandy right now. I've been going ape about the birds outside, though it's led to my Quixotic quest to retreive a reasonably close picture of a magpie. They're afraid of me; it's somewhat depressing. The blue jays here are very tame, though. They'll come down and grab peanuts while I'm standing between six and eight feet away. I've never had a bird do such a thing before, so that's a neat experience. I'll have to share the better pictures of both the jays and the flickers when I get them developed.

I return the fifth of January. Until then, I'd recommend you contact me by way of phone.

For what it's worth, Happy day of rest of your choosing or no day of rest at all depending on your tastes and customs.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Fun with IM

Nat: i'm all about formula sheets and not knowing anything else going in to it
Nat: into
Nat: but
Nat: should you try to learn, I bid thee good luck
Caleb: haha
Caleb: thd
Caleb: x
Caleb: I think
Nat: wink
Caleb: good luck to you also
Caleb: wink
Caleb: what were YOU thinking
Nat: :-!
Caleb: sure
Caleb: santa

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Oh and only the internet

Saddam's trial?
Look at that. No wonder everyone says Saddam Hussein won't be able to get a fair trial, no matter where it's held.

Friday, December 9, 2005


So the original name scheme:

Ron: Microwave Madré
Caleb: Gamma Ray Gorge

or M-squared and Garage, respectively

Me: Steve the Microwave Madré
Ron: Gamma Ray Gorge
Caleb: "John" Oat Bread, then Stick Chaw
Jeff: Loco Guapo Fernandéz

Has become this:

Me: Steve the Microwave Madré
Ron: Gamma Ray Gorge
Caleb: Radar Rodriguéz
Jeff: Nameless Nate

Nat: caleb gets to be radar rodriguéz
Nat: because "John" Oat Bread was apparently not funny enough
Nat: we should thus call you nameless nate
Jeff: haha
Jeff: which is even funier because you actually are a nate
Nat: yeah you know what, I like that

Monday, December 5, 2005


According to the R.H. Smith School of Business's Administrative Phone list, 4-SNOW is a real campus number. However, this afternoon, as snow was falling at its peak rate, calling 301-314-7669 resulted in "You have reached a disconnected number at the University of Maryland, College Park." 5-SNOW was, however, successful.

What is it, college? Huh? I wanted to go home!

Sunday, December 4, 2005

I found a bird

Preemptive shut the hell up.

I watched "Winged Migration" last night... that movie is incredible, especially because I'm a bird nerd and a photographer. If you are either of those things, I'd suggest you watch it, but if you are either of those things, you've probably already seen it and I'm just basking in being behind the times and having movies recommended to me based on the (what I feel to be substandard) pictures I put up in the office.


It's going to snow tomorrow. 4-6 inches total, they say, though I don't know how much of that might melt off during the storm. Go snow, cancel tuesday morning.


Actually, if you could just cancel my family studies class tomorrow, that would be fantastic.

Friday, December 2, 2005

I've seen global warming

I found a great deal of amusment and wonder in this radar/surface condition map from on the 28th of November... I saved it, but I forgot to show anyone until tonight. You'll notice crazy frontal systems, weather of every type onboard, and well I guess that's it.

No alt, you have to actually see this

Thursday, December 1, 2005

Friday, November 25, 2005

So much for etiquette

This evening, I started my first thread at TJNR.

It was a thread lamenting crappy google search strings, as well as a plea for totalfarker input regarding why several TFers visited my page. Finally, I closed with a request for other silly google search strings.

Reply 1: "idiot"

Reply 2: (moderator) "DHURRRR I'M A RETARD AND GOOGLE IS FOR SEARCHING" [topic locked /]

This is shit. I therefore chose to remove all signs of personality from my profile and changed my password to random beating upon the keyboard.

My thoughts on the issue:
Such a crappy community doesn't deserve my input. I have enough of a Dante complex stemming from my all-empowered role at work that I don't take kindly to people dismissing my meager contributions to their shitty cliques on the Internet. Why waste my time trying to contribute if it only gets me called something that I'm not?

Sorry, Liz... I really wanted to help, but it's evident that your readers don't give a damn about what I have to say.

In related news, I'm sick of selflessly devoting myself to the needs of others. Every day I'm awake, I throw myself at the mercy of my community, be it office or class or digital-life. I'm sick of going so underappreciated as to be mocked for listening to a guitar solo. I'm sick of hearing others snicker at my intelligent contributions to classroom discussion. I'm sick of having my intellect questioned by random fucking retards on some shitty board I have no connection to. That's it, I'm done.

Profanity aside, you people are lucky I have any regard for you at all... I think that, were it up to me, none of this would be here right now and you would be staring a mockingbird in the face for the duration of your visit. Hell, I'm half-tempted to do that now as it is. You keep it up... I dare you; that'll be what happens.

Whatever, not like it makes any difference to me in the end.

Strong Yeast Flavor

Okay, seriously... I want someone to explain this to me:

Strong Yeast Flavor
Why did sixty-some-odd people reach my website by searching for that exact same string?

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

New pictures

Two new galleries (at long last)

Fall on Campus: A collection of crap that looked neat on campus.
Fall in Columbia: More or less pictures I took one day whilst bored. Except Pan-Taron.

Enjoy, or don't.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Oh hey, I have an idea

Let's all search for exactly the same retarded string on google!


I should inform you that, near as I can tell, each and every single one of those represented a unique hit. This is, in a nutshell, why I hate the Internet.

Fer Cryin Out Loud

You have to be kidding me
This crap isn't funny any more.

How long before those stupid things refresh themselves?

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Nat Drops the F-Bomb

I can't wait till search engines recache my site, because:

I actually retroactively edited out all occurances of her name! [she whose name shall not be written] has become a cancer upon my life.


Cross whoring

Yeah... I became compelled to register an account at That's Just Not Right, an Internet ... well, pop culture forum/news-site yesterday. I posted an introduction and was adopted pretty quicklike, but then I posted a few other places to avoid going over the 40% in Newbie Intros thing... anyway, yeah. I killed three of the threads I posted in, it would seem, and I don't know where else to post. It's been so long (Early 2004) since I participated in a message board, I have trouble wrapping my head around millions of posts by people I don't have any reason to care about yet. What's worse, all of the threads after about half a page appear to be a week old, and those more recent threads have like 8000 posts in them. I don't feel like trying to get in on those, so instead, I feel like a lurker waiting for "new" threads to post in.

Such is life.

Anyway, to those of you who wonder why "this asshole killed the thread," I extend something of a welcome and hope I haven't offended you too deeply. Here's a picture of a Ewe to make amends:

Ewe, like a sheep

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

what the hell is wrong with you people?

THERE IS NO USEFUL INFORMATION ABOUT [she whose name shall not be written] AT THIS WEBSITE.

I don't like the idea of going back and censoring my own writing, but jesus christ, the only search result anyone clicks on is for her, and this is clearly not the kind of site where you're going to read valuable information about her. Good god, leave it alone, please!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

We Have the Technology

So here's the problem:

I created a recipie for beer that is incredible in flavor. Very chocolate, very roasted coffee. Problem? It didn't carbonate. I left it in fermentation too long, apparently, and the yeast wasn't strong enough to carbonate. It pressurized some, but not enough to make the gas stay in suspension.

My solution?

I'm going to buy a tube or two of yeast and priming sugar, and make varying concentrations of mixture that I will add to bottles of water, possibly grained water.

What do I hope to learn from this? here goes:

Hypothesis: there exists some concentration of yeast-to-sugar that results in a bottle's worth of carbonation.
Test method: produce five or so concentrations of said mixture, adding each to a bottle. Let sit for a week.
Evaluation: pour each solution. Based on fizz, choose a solution mixture suitable for adding to each bottle of flat beer.

Success? I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, October 29, 2005


Nat: powers of jealousy, vulnerability, and some other power you don't get to choose ACTIVATE!
Jeff: ?
Nat: well, you're all jealous, then sauron looks at you and you're all "OMG MY HEART SI BURST!!!" then hobbits become invisible because they're shifty and avoidant, while that giant thing was... well, I guess super strong or something.
Nat: I don't know
Nat: I want a ring to give me the power to print money
Nat: or the power to throw explosions
Nat: i get the impression viggo mortensen kind of sucks.
Jeff: yeah
Nat: i bet if he put the ring on, he'd become a geranium.

Monday, October 24, 2005

File this under "apathy"

So I'm in class, and we're talking about abuse/neglect statistics with regard to children in the state of maryland. Funny story, we should be learning material... instead, I get to here "umm... like, my mom told me about this one time in maryland recently some kids were duct taped together."

Why do I come to class? It's nothing but punishment, after all.

I'm a contributor

Look here for the following (which is reposted both because I wrote it and because I don't know that they'll keep it):

Dirt Farming

Dirt Farming is currently the state's primary employment opportunity. Use of the term "farming" is perhaps a generosity; the same 40 cubic feet of dirt have been moving about the state's roads for 5,000 years. Counties often trade dirt back and forth by way of subcontracted dump trucks. These trucks are Maryland's most populous life form, accounting for 84.6 percent of the state's poulation. Most of these large, mild-mannered robots are immigrants from Japan; they chose to reside in the state after growing weary of repeated taunting by Gamera. Sadly, this led to frequent bed wetting once the trucks realized their new home had a slight turtle infestation. Newer models have overcome this disability.

The current going rate per load of dirt is somewhere around 31,200,000 Yen. This fluctuates wildly according to the whims of the state, although a large part of the proceeds go to fueling the 13.4 million truck fleet. Rob Reiner has been implicated in a price fixing incident believed to have funded his 1994 consumption of a castle, but many prominent Baltimorons deny the use of general dirt farming funds for the purchase of snack food items.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Building Apple's ChatServer 37.1

Since google was of absolutely no assistance to me on this, I've taken it upon myself for adding drections on how to build the ChatServer-37.1 as found here in Apple's Darwin Open Source project listing.

First and foremost, the project doesn't have the traditional configure - make - make install build path I've come to expect from open source projects. For this tarball, Apple includes all dependencies (apparently) and the process is rolled into the main Makefile.

The end result of this seems to be that, in order to install this package (providing jabber and iChatServer), all you have to do is cd into the ChatServer-37.1 directory and tell it to make install.

That should be it... I'm currently waiting for the make process to finish. I think the process should result in a fully functional Mac OS X service, but I'll let you know. Not that you care. Like I said, public service.

So this didn't work right. The build failed for a file called membershipPriv.h. This is annoying because nobody else on the internet had this probelm and had google find a result for them. However, further contributing to the public good, I found an alternative: use darwinbuilds.

I have yet to see this complete successfully, but # darwinbuilds ChatServer seems to be doing well for itself.

A lot of things don't work right. I tried to manually install the necessary libraries after darwinbuilds failed to complete its installation properly. As it is now, I got it to compile fine, apparently, but the installation fails during ditto because I already have python 2.3 installed.

Joy. Mucking about with makefiles is enough to make me stay up until 1:30 for no reason.

Also I'm surrounded by suck at the moment.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Fun with IM

Jeff: my fan is on in OCTOBER
Jeff: how fun is that??
Nat: ... oh i've got a good one
Nat: One who did: Don Chang, the deeply religious founder of clothing chains Forever 21 and XXI.
Nat: forever 21
Nat: i want you to think about that. deeply religious founder of forever 21
Jeff: was it worth it?
Nat: i think so, I enjoyed typing it
Jeff: hehe
Jeff: we had a discussion about religion and drinking this morning when I arrived
Jeff: david told us about friends of his who got arrested for tresspassing on a water tower. and they were drinking a bit
Jeff: and jay was like "NO good christian kids like you drinking?"
Jeff: so I said "DUDE...water into wine.. christ was all about the drinking"
Jeff: jay said "thats SACRILIDGE!" I said "no thats sacraMENT!"
Jeff: "in fact! thats why they were on the water tower! thats alllllloooottttt of wine there."
Jeff: and david went "....god I hate you" into his hands

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Grammar Abortion

Nat: were you around when I told you someone reached my website by searching yahoo for "content of whiskey" and that not only am I in such a search, I am the first result?
Jeff: I think I was
Nat: ...
Nat: "were you around when I told you"
Nat: great
Nat: good job
Nat: F

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Cartoon Network Sucks

haha! this post will be twofold! but I'm not explaining myself until after you read this.

So at 10:30 every night, cartoon network has been showing Dragon Ball Z. I find this compelling and have made it a part of my nightly routine since sometime in June or July. In fact, for various stretches of time, DBZ has been pretty much the only thing I have to get me through the day. Now, instead of something nice at the end of the day, I'll be treated to half hours of Cheap Seats followed by "Why the hell am I awake?" because Yu-Gi-Oh GX is now on every night at 10:30. And every evening at 5:30 or 5:00. And a two hour block on Friday. And I think a couple times every saturday and sunday. DBZ will now be on saturday nights at 7:30.

Not that I have anything better to do, but go to hell, cartoon network. This crap and full metal alchemist and god knows what the hell else, it doesn't matter.

Now. Part I of explanation: I'll get more traffic! God, can you imagine? Search results for Dragon Ball Z, DBZ, cartoon network... wow. Go me, it's my birthday. :-!
Part II of explanation: all the people I used to know will read this "i'm watching dragonball" nonsense and hate me! less work for me! huzzah!

Monday, October 3, 2005


So on slashdot today, someone ranted about how "specs are this and that, but there are in fact distinct cases of each; 'this' specs are good, 'that' specs are bad." They closed with the thought "Generalizations = false."

Yes, yes they are.

However, someone needs to teach the internet an important fact: just because something is not universally true does not mean it's universally false, and that implies that generalizations can be useful, especially if they are true in a majority of cases.

Example, you ask? Gravity! Newton's laws are invalid in cases on the level of quantum physics, but we're still taught them and use them in the majority of cases.

Generalizations! Shut the hell up, Internet!

Oh, uncyclopedia!

The bermuda triangle gets such a bad rap.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

all it is is dust in your mom

I went ahead and made this index again.


It's become evident I'm the only one that ever gave a shit about my gallery so I made it double optional. You're welcome, maybe, but whatever. I don't have the resources to add to that often enough to justify making it a front page item anymore, so now it's up there and it's going to be on every page for a while, then I'll get sick of seeing hit after hit after hit not appreciating anything and move it down into the sidebar.

That said, I'm actually working with a roll of film now and hope to be done with it soon, so there you go again.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Thursday, September 22, 2005


This post exists due solely to the shining influence of Jeff!


Do you think Angus Young resents "You Shook Me All Night Long?"

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Begs the question

So okay, example from fark just now:

"One of America's oldest rodeos bans chewing tobacco, which begs the question: Why are nine-year-olds chewing tobacco?"

Of course I immediatley thought to myself "Great now I get to read page after page of idiots going 'THAT IS NOT BEGGING THE QUESTION LMAO'" and sure enough, someone in the first five or ten posts said "That isn't begging the question."

What the hell is it then? "Begging the question" as a logical fallacy is a fallacy of a construct anyway, because arguments that beg the question don't beg any singular question, while writing about american rodeos does beg a question: why is canada writing about rodeos?

So what is it, then?

Monday, September 19, 2005


I found this on the uncyclopedia, here.

The Spanish Armada is considered one of the greatest military forces in history. It consisted of thousands upon thousands of flamenco dancers determined to carry the rhythm of Latin Music to the rest of the civilized world.
Unfortunately, it couldn't live up to the hype, and was defeated by the Wu Tang Clan in 1972.
Survivors of the battle eventually got together and re-formed as the Groove Armada, with slightly more success.
This article is a pile of crap. The article submitter may also have been huffing kittens . You can help Uncyclopedia by whipping it into shape.

Friday, September 16, 2005


Ladies and gentlemen, my hot water is broken.

Yeah, the water this morning was not only not hot or in the slightest warm, but was actually PAINFULLY COLD. It couldn't have been a hair over 50 degrees. I had to use a pair of boxers as a makeshift washcloth, and even that was painful.

What does this mean to you?

I'm probably leaving early. Oh, also I'm going to be very irritable and quite likely drunk earlier than normal as a result. I might even try beer in the shower if it's still not working!

Circus midgets?

I've had it up to HERE with the likes of you people!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Nerd Commentary

I'm trying the related URL thing here, but if it doesn't work, hit this if you care.

Scott Berkun, a former developer for the MS Internet Explorer UI, changed to Firefox recently as his primary browser due to issues in IE's current implementation. He, however, took issue with some of FF's quirks, especially involving window behavior and its effects on tabs and the find bar.

I don't really have any problem with a developer defending his choices in software, but sometimes, an adversarial response buried within friendly justifications is just kind of revolting (probably not the right word). I apply that to this paragraph from Asa Dotzler (Firefox UI developer):

I'm really pleased that other than those issues, Scott, who worked on IE versions 1-5, is finding Firefox to be a better fit than IE. It's even better that he's offering some good feedback. Without high quality feedback, we wouldn't have the Firefox we do today.

It's that "other than those issues" thing that bothers me. I like hearing that people are pleased with my product, as it's much easier for them to say "Hey, I like your database changes" than it is for them to say "I hate everything about it."

What irks me, though, is the broadcast concept that him taking issue with some design choices is an affront to what they're doing. In this case, leaving out other than those issues would result in "I'm really pleased that Scott is finidng firefox to be a better fit... Without feedback [etc]"

It's more effective that way, I say. I must say, though, that I do like seeing a reasonable set of responses to criticisms instead of the all-too-slashdot trend of simply going "We did tabs because that's what we decided and we're not open to suggestions, thanks for playing."

More importantly, I think it's interesting that Dotzler pushes the extensions. I think that's a great move on his part. As someone who has done some UI work for a project recently, I'd love to have the ability to say "Well, I set it up that way because I don't want people making this change or that, but never fear... since I work in such a great team environment, you have the ability to override my decision and do what actually works best for you, a real person."

I admire that, and wish I could say the same. Unfortunately, filemaker is not friendly for that. Oh well.

Garp garp garp.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Oh the things we realize

I went to and inspected the hurricane report just now.

I realized something... while I lived in Oregon, I had managed to completely fail to realize that hurricanes happen every year. I don't even remember hearing about Andrew or Hugo or any of that outside of the general "a hurricane came through." Living on the appropriate side of the country changes your perspective, I suppose.

It's not like we didn't have powerful weather; many a winter did we spend ducking away from powerful arctic cyclonic systems that would bring 70 mile an hour gusts along with several inches of rain. I suppose we thought less of those, though, because they were so spread out and banded that it never really registered as one storm if you were a casual observer. Knowing what I do about how weather works now, though, I guess we were fortunate that storms like that couldn't strengthen themselves.

Now, with Ophelia bearing up on the coast, I continue wondering if it'll manage to have any effect on our weather here. This brings about that realization from earlier: every summer, the weather channel gets several dozen visits from me just to check up on hurricanes.

Funny how things work.

There Are No Left Hands

I've taken a couple courses in this room, MMH 1304. Only today did I realize something important about it: there are no left handed desks.

Aside from that being kind of unsettling, as even crap lecture halls in the engineering building where human existence was never a planned-for consideration, have left handed tablets. In this room, however, left handed people are apparently forced to ask those seated a space over to their left if it's a problem if they use the desk between them to write on.


I have a few thoughts about why there are no lefty tablets, though.

A) The designers of this building were considering the nature of applied psychology at the time, and wanted to make it possible for instructors to force everyone to have the same preferences prior to starting instruction.

B) Gnomes came in the middle of the night and switched the left handed desks to right handed desks. Gnomes are crazy good at welding.

C) This building is a twisting maze of accident to begin with. Each floor spans a set of stairs, the x4xx wing occupies at least 40 percent of the building, and I'm pretty sure there is no x2xx wing. The building was constructed as a shell, then filled with rooms. This resulted, I therefore propose, in a powerful gravity well that pulled all other out-of-the-ordinary objects in this building. Space-time can't handle so much backward in one place, so nature had to sort itself out.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


So by now, everyone on the internet probably knows about Apple's iPod nano and Motorola's ROKR phones. I actually feel good about myself, though, for not being a total Apple Whore in spite of the fact that I've owned four macs and an iPod mini over the course of my life.

I don't think the nano is a very good product as a replacement for the iPod Mini. The price point for it, $199 for 2GB and $249 for 4GB is not reasonable as compared to the Mini's 4GB and 6GB, respectively. Don't get me wrong; I'm sure the nano is a fantastic product otherwise, with its support of photos and whatnot, but for a product with two gigs less space and (was it?) four fewer hours of battery life, it seems like the only thing you're paying for is minaturization. That doesn't seem fair to me. But whatever, if it does the job for you, it does the job for you. I can say I'm glad I bought the mini, as my only reason for owning it is to put music on it. I have an iBook for pictures.

And shut up about video.

The other product, the ROKR phone, is so underwhelming I don't care about it. $250 from one carrier with 2 year contract is crap for anything anyway, but more importantly, the interface is not at all up to Apple's specs, and apparently the phone's form factor is that of a brick. As the type of consumer I am, that is more or less completely useless to me.

How's the August 2005 iBook working out for me, you might be wondering? It's nice, I like the improvements over the March 2004 version I had last year. The GPU is sturdy enough to do core image, which means I see the ripply whatsit floating over the screen when I open widgets in dashboard (rare!). More importantly, battery life is similar thus far, wireless coverage seems better, and while I don't yet care about bluetooth, I'm glad it's there.

And I won't have to sell this one in 8 or 9 months! Wink!

Friday, September 9, 2005

Oh Google, you so funny!

Someone managed to get to my index page last night by searching for the following string on Google Images:

map vortex i am

I've since been trying to figure out (on and off, anyway) why anyone would search for that string. Everyone else that got here searched either for 'the content vortex' or my name.

map vortex i am?

Tuesday, September 6, 2005


I'm pretty sure that it's a good thing I was too worn down to think today, because had I been able to do that, the only thought in my head from the time I started my shift at work up until now probably would have been

"I want to go home and watch dragonball z"

and that's ... so uncharacteristic.

Hell on Earth Day

Do you ever get that feeling that the feeling you got the day before was one you should have paid closer attention to?

Yesterday, I got out of the car and started walking toward the mall when I said to jeff "Why do I have the feeling that today will make me feel like continuing to get out of bed every day is a fruitless enterprise?"

Today, I braved nobody hearing what I was saying, someone pinning a last minute request by someone who was rantinating about jesus christ only knows what that wasn't getting paid for by the college, then finding out that our calendar system has more or less crashed, then finding out that apparently we no longer do late class starts but nobody told me, then and then and then and then and I want to go home.

I seriously shouldn't have gotten out of bed this morning.

Sunday, September 4, 2005

Tappa Tappa Tappa

I made something up again tonight.

Fingered v. Tapped or whatever I actually ID3 tagged it.

I liked the chord pattern when I played it with my fingers in the appropriate places, but then for whatever reason, I decided to try tapping it out. Lo and behold it worked, so I recorded both versions and posted them in the hopes that it results in gainful employment or at least something to do sometimes.

hah! enjoy or something.woo.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I'm a part of the crowd

Well, kind of, anyway.

I'm kicking off the new academic year with an iPod mini. It's silver and the 4 gigabyte flavor, nothing too special. I decided to go ahead and reencode my music into AAC instead of MP3 to save a lot of space. Example: Dream Theater went from 960 megabytes to 630. If I did that for my entire library, it would shrink from 10.1 gigabytes to 7.4 or so. Amazing.

One thing I will mention (and the reason for the "sort of" part of the crowd sentiment) is that I will not be caught dead with white earphones. A) I don't want to be "that guy" that I hate... shows up too early makes a lot of noise, etc. B) I live in and jaunt about the Washington, D.C. metro area. I really don't need to become a mugging statistic, and using "generic" headphones makes it possible for me to tell myself I'm okay. But it works out really well in the end, because iPod earphones don't fit me comfortably and they sound like terrible. Yes, sound like terrible. I got a set of sony in ear dillies, they sound pretty good and come with a cord organizer.

OCD says what?

Class starts tomorrow. I... class starts tomorrow. Guess that's it.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Thus Ends the List

Yeah that's about that, unfortunately.

I hope you all enjoy my little trip down memory lane, each recalling your own individual parts in it.

Do you remember a part of my life that you think I should remember, too???? PLEASE LET ME KNOW IN COMMENTS OMG OMG hey wow 3:45 am WINK!

wow did I ever have ADD

July 28, 2003--
Okay seriously. It's like I turn 21, your guys's's'sss' (stupid plurals) lives are complete and all done with? I'm moving out tomorrow. I guess I'll be offline for a while. KITTY DOGGY, YOU'RE SO KITTY YOU'RE SO DOGGY I LOVE YOU! I want everyone to know that dismantling a BMW's dashboard is very taxing.

on productivity

May 13, 2003--
I've been staring at the blinking insertion cursor for at least 10 minutes. In this time I've reached the following conclusions:

I have eaten no fried food since friday.

Beautiful, isn't it? I'm a veritable world of productive thought today.

more thoughts on berkley

April 30, 2003--
I have to pay the power in the next few days. This angers me. I will never see a cent of money for it. I know it. My angry note on the freezer just seems to have made the troll happier. I won't back down from the cusp though, for I recognize that my position is true and just. And god dammit that bastard ate my ice cream. I think I just saw lightning.

berkley musings

April 24, 2003--
I may pull an all nighter tonight.

I got to thinking about it, I really don't want to go home tonight. It offers no advantages. But that is, of itself, of no consequence.

I live in Berkley, in case you were not aware, which is located approximately in the Ghetto. Some highlights in my history with the building?

Elevators breaking at least once a month
Blood all over floors following a bottle fight in said elevators
Hate crime narrowly averted by virtue soley of my friends race
Beer on floors/walls/celings (don't ask)
Broken locks repeatedly
Management failing to inform us of when entrances would be closed for cleaning

It's quite the experience, if you're into unnecessary tension. I'll be very glad to be done living there. Seven Springs seemed nice enough, but it was quite a bit more expensive, if I recall correctly, and given that I am a poor bastard, it was flat out. Oh well. Now I live in wam lab PG2. And I'm going to plato's in a while, because fuck home. I may sleep in my car or something, but no way am I going home tonight. so I tell myself, I'll probably crack under pressure.

I tried to do some homework tonight, with Excel (the filthiest program this side of Matlab) because I needed to compute lots of stuff. Well lo and behold, filthy filthy Excel can't calculate sin(90*180/pi()) correctly. It should be 1, but excel gives me -0.954, which is almost no further than can be strayed from the truth. Nothing about it is negative, plus since sin(90) should be 1, it's filth-ridden-ly stupid. (the 180/pi is for radian-to-degree conversion) I love it when I sit down to actually try to do work and God looks down from upon high and laughs, because let's face it, me working is by far and away the most ludicrous thing ever.

Thank you and good night.

apparently some snow fell?

February 7, 2003--
Yeah, you heard me. Time to go try to build things.

February 8, 2003--
Some pretty weak snow. No pandas were constructed.

February 20, 2003--
I apparently forgot that it had in fact snowed and that snow can be used for construction. I will keep you posted via photographic reconnaisance as to what devious schemes I can come up with. Now I must embark upon operation "I had to come into work because Destler decided rt 1 was wide enough to not have people die left and right and I really don't want to be here, especially since I woke up at 10:07 and had to take a shower and leave, and now -- and imagine this -- I am hungry because I didn't have breakfast so it's time for a trip to the dining hall."

February 28, 2003--
So I got home, and what, to my surprise, do I find in the living room? How about everything still on? Wow. Good thing nobody's paying me for electricity anymore.

Ah, gaming

January 24, 2003--
I played NCAA 2003 earlier. Maryland on Alcorn State. I played as us, and won 63-6. I don't know how they scored on me, but I ended the first half with a posession and 2 seconds on the clock. A hail mary call and the a then x buttons later, I had a touchdown with 0 time left on the scoreboard. I was proud. Too proud.

Good thing I'm getting the gamecube thing out of my system before the term starts.

More holiday wishes

no groundhogs... ha ha! I'm a funny guy!

November 28, 2002--
So I promise no groundhogs in this post...

I want to say first "Happy thanksgiving" and I hope your holiday goes over well.


I have taken a mountain dew from the refridgerator and I must say that knowing it wasn't mine only puts a small dent in the number of glasses of mine that spent the last two weeks in the sink.

Thank you and good night.

Apparently it was a good week

I figured out a while later where I lost the card (CDepot), and the tire I was able to fix by getting Jeff to drag me to target so I could buy a fixaflat. That screw was still in the tread the day I rid myself of the mazda in Late July of 2004.

November 6, 2002--
So it's been a great week. Monday I come to find that at some point over the weekend, I lost my check card. I have no idea where it could have gone since I hadn't used it since Friday night. So that's all out of there. I get home from lunch/dinner, and -- lo and behold -- I have a flat tire. Spectacular. I try to put the donut on, and the rim won't come off the lugs. I go to call AAA today and -- WOW, Imagine this! -- my AAA card is in crofton. So I stopped caring.

Holiday Greetings

October 31, 2002--
Hope your halloween isn't filled with LaPlace transforms and Repeated roots: reduction of order.

Wow this is a good one:

October 19, 2002--
I am awake and it is 4:23 am.

According to all this...

... I used to be real big on the code red mountain dew.

October 17, 2002--
I just got thrown out of the building. We all stood around in the office like "Should we care?" and then everybody else evacuated so we figured we would too. These two girls across the hall-- i don't think they left. I can't blame them; they had the student lounge, and the door was closed to keep noise out. They came out and asked if it was the fire alarm, I said "I guess so, I mean, there's clearly no fire, but what can I say?" I went to skinner and got a code red. I was all "Screw this, I'm gettin a drink."
I think I'm gonna do something stupid and go to the football game tonight. I probably won't stay for the whole thing, or even the whole first half. But I have to at least show up to all of them.
Back to my code-red mt. dew.

bourbon, dancing, and a phonetic letter


September 28, 2002--okay. I have learned that I am able to post, but not publish. i am therefore not able to publish. I will now return to doing dishes.

Once upon a time, I was a riot!

One afternoon, in a small and cozy village, an amazing and true story began to unfold. By amazing and true, the author, of course, means "boring and completely made up." This is a short story after all, and short stories are almost never based in fact. At any rate, this was the day of the annual citywide father-son-dog picnic. Fred was ready and waiting for his son Fred 2 to come out to the car so they could go to the Three Legged Dog Walk competition at the park. Phydeaux, the dog of the Fredson family, was eagerly sniffing the air outside the car through a two inch crack in the back window. As a dog, Phydeaux has the luxury of not caring about anything as long as he is in a car ready to go for a ride.

"FRED 2!" screamed Fred, "It's time to go! Why aren't you out here?"

"Dad, I've been in the passenger seat for three hours. Can we go yet?"

"Great. Don't take that tone with me, young man."

After such a heated and valuable exchange, the team left for the park. Upon arrival, Fred, Fred 2, and Phydeaux egressed from the car (ooh! the word egress!) and walked to the registration table. They looked around breifly before realizing that the three hour delay in their departure from the house caused the Father-Son-Dog event to end and go away.

Shocked, and in a state of emotions vaguely resembling disappointment, the trio headed home.

"What should we do now?" asked Phydeaux.

Fred 2 laughed and responded with a clever "Silly Dog, always talking. Don't you know we can't understand you?"

"Yes, but -- "

"But nothing! You're a dog!" exclaimed Fred. "Both of you shut up, we're going fishing.

Fred, Fred 2, and Phydeaux returned to the house with their catch of 450 pounds of salmon after inadvertently driving through a plot hole the size of Kentucky. They then cooked the fish and ate them. Now your author seems to be out of things to make up, so this is therefore the end of the story. Is it happily ever after? I'll let you make that call. You're a mature responsible adult, right?


does it ever end?

August 21, 2002--
It's a great day out today. I'm stuck inside, but at least I'm next to a window breathing construction dust.
Everyone else has left for the day. Will I get to go home early? I hope so, I really need to get cracking on this business of packing. My grandmother tried to offer me guidelines for moving in; that was interesting to listen through. I just ran out of things to say, so here comes a token expository on cats.

Cats saw extensive use in ancient Egypt, where they were often employed as pets of royalty. More often than not, those lucky cats that were royal pets were treated with the same level -- if not a higher level -- of respect as the people for whom they were there. Yes that sentence ending IS gramatically correct.

From about 2000 BC to the middle ages, cats hid in trash bins in low income areas of cities. Eventually, during the plague, many found employment with psychotic old women who beat them against various objects such as the ground. When the talks between the feline union and old lady management broke down and turned hostile, the cats walked out and found a new activity to take part in: Heathen and Witch Assistantship Skill Refinement. Witches used the cats to let everyday average christians know that they were being crossed with bad luck. This worked out well; the cats were able to get out and excercise, and the people treated the cats with respect and admiration (even if from a distance).

One striking example of cats comes from Edgar Allen Poe's epic story about the black cat who got stuck in a wall.

Today, cats are once again associated with crazy old ladies, although the old lady management organization has since agreed to cease the senseless beatings and instead provide cats with large empty houses to use as they see fit. Cats are also frequently traded as stock through pet stores (djia: CAT +13.47 news).

Remember, have your pet spayed or neutered.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Additional Valuable Stone

August 7, 2002--
I also discovered on my recent trip downstairs that the mystery wall with a door number now actually has a door that leads into Taliaferro hall. Will the wonders never cease?

Code Red Mountain Dew. I just want you all to know that.

Ferther jemlee itims

August 7, 2002--
This weekend. I'm doing something fun. I don't know what, and I don't know when, but I'm going to do it. I like fun. I think I should go take pictures of the Bite and kick sign at Assateague island. Of course, I can probably not spell Assateague correctly, but whatever, this is the internet!

Another Gem

August 10, 2002--

In other news, I figured out that my Dad's incessant "go to the store, take the bottles back" was just his way of paying me my allowance. See, he pays fred meyer 5 cents per soda container. Then they stack up in the garage, and then I take them back somehow, and I get the money that's left over. So fred meyer is sort of a surrogate allowance system. See? I'm smart.

A blast from the past

So every time I use the blogger web interface, it reminds me of an endeavor of Liz's that I once took part in many many moons ago, yer mom.

I kind of miss it if only because it drove me to write more often, which I blame such pesky afflictions as "being a better writer" upon.

Anyway, all 400-some-odd posts are there, apparently begging me to go through them like I decided to tonight. This is awesome for you because I discovered the following post that I thought I'd share with you here.

August 30, 2002 --
WHEE COMCAST COMES TODAY! oh wait, between 7a and 7p. Never mind the whee, or maybe do mind it. I'm going through massive internet withdrawl... I RAN. I RAN OUTSIDE FOR LIKE A MILE AND A HALF. BECAUSE THERE WAS NOTHING ELSE TO DO. And actually, it did feel good, I do have to admit, but still... running! me! Oh and last night? Yeah, I was playing mariokart 64.

Okay, so I want to know what you all think about Super Dodgeball the NES game. Yes, the greatest NES game of all time. I mean, the game play is incredible. Each player has special moves! Moves Singluar! Also, the racial stereotyping is matched only by the World Church of the Creator's ill-conceived hate-literature. I was wondering to myself last night if I should be ashamed of the fact that I am a part of the last generation where stereotyping was so blatantly acceptable. Of course, when I Was A Kid, we could still say handicapped.

Oh, and another game that really caught my fancy last night in spite of the fact that I totally sucked at it: Bible Adventures. This game is actually three games in one cartridge! Yes, you too can experience the stories of Noah's Ark, Baby Moses and the Nile, and David and Goliath first hand in this great game. It is version 1.3 too! Noah's Ark is the best game of the three, as you play Noah who is trying to catch a pair of such animals as snakes, oxen, cows, horses, pigs, eagles, blue jays, blackbirds, hummingbirds, and even monkies! At your disposal is a basket, or perhaps a bale of hay, which you can use to knock out the animals that refuse to let you pick them up. Yay bible! Once you have picked up an animal (Noah can only hold four though (yes, you could in theory hold two cows and two oxen)), you are supposed to carry it to the "ark" which is really a big wooden structure that has been firmly attached to the ground. Apparently there are more than two levels, but I suck at the game so much I can only get about half the second level finished before I run out of life*.

Baby Moses is the second game, and it is second for Good Reason! You play the part of MosesMomma whose job it is to carry moses through the dangerous world of semi-pre-historic-Egypt. Tread Lightly, for sphE is a world filled with peril. Baby sized spiders roam freely and are capable of jumping over twice your height. There are trap doors underfoot, from which evil Egyptians will attempt to knock moses from your hands with rocks or something suspiciously shaped like rocks. There are also Egyptians just running around with spears, and they will poke you with those spears, causing you to drop Moses; it is at this point that they will throw Moses into the water, which I might add is quite inexplicable as there is no way to even fall into the water because there is a walkway that prevents you from doing this. There are two things about this game that are fun though; first, the baby Moses is easily thrown great distances. Second, there are randomly placed spring boards that allow you to sail to high altitudes and walk on the clouds! People really were specially gifted back then.

The final game is David and Goliath. This game also came in last place in my heart, as it has very little to do with its title and more to do with David randomly saving sheep by bringing them from their precarious mountaintops to a magically floating arrow near a fence. This arrow is meant to represent the entrance to a "corral" or "sheep herding fun zone," so named because upon touching the arrow, the sheep go flying. Beware, for the mansheeps who are gifted with horns will charge you, or simply touch you, not even necessarily with their ramhorns, and you will go flying much like the sheep at the flashing magic arrow! Beware in this portion of the game, for there are Lions, from whom you are supposedly saving the sheep. These lions are actually not capable of catching the sheep where they are standing, because the lions cannot climb trees or jump, unlike David. There are also thousands of squirrels running around. I have a feeling that the bible was completely wrong, and David was the king of the area To Be Known As The University Of Maryland, College Park Campus. Of course, this is blasphemy, much like the use of a magic floating and flashing arrow denoting a corral. Finally, at one point in the game (I am not making this up) there appears a squirrel sized (or "half david sized" as the squirrels are actually giants) brown animal that has the capacity to stand up and bare teeth. I am not certain what this animal is, but I am certain that touching it is a bad thing, because it causes sheep to go flying and you lose life*.

As one final addendum, life* is actually meant to be "commandment tablets." In all three games, you are given a supply of stone tablets much like those that bore the 10 commandments. Some are game suggestions, but most are bible quotes. If reading bible quotes gives you life energy, then Christianity really is where it's at.

Thank you and good friday happy time.


adifalenra aldjsfln adklsf lakweorh aljfjaf a'djsf n asdlv oieqwr alsjndf aldjnf piqupierh al;sdfn odifh [opqiwf a;ldjsf iadhwf

As if the internet needed any more about this...

I hope my grandparents end up all right, they seem far enough away to avoid the major damage, but I am already deeply saddened by this:










I have never read anything quite that shocking before.

Best of luck, New Orleans.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Hey look at that!

I made it harder to get here.

I apologize to those of you who know me for the crappy description boxes; I'm very lazy. That same excuse is also why my layout is... well, the same for each page. Because I'm lazy. BUT!

You love me. :-!

Anyway, let me know what you think, or whatever.

Oh yeah, if you want the full pop-up info effect, you'll have to use something that's not internet explorer. -- EDIT1!!! I've gone through everything in Safari, it all seems to work. That said, I went through things in Firefox, and I'm sad to report that some things don't work as intended in Mozilla. This means users of firefox, mozilla, camino, and any other gecko renderer will not see the main menu popups where you're supposed to. I cleaned up the code to the point where at least the boxes are wholly visible. Interestingly enough, IE degrades better than firefox does... anyway, whatever you want to use will work, but some of it looks a wee nib goofish in firefox.


Thursday, August 25, 2005

Ow my eyes

Okay, the menu page is done, the photography menu is done, and one of my photo galleries is also done.

That said, my eyes are killing me, so that's enough of that for tonight. I might be able to finish tomorrow. If not then, look for an all new content vortex on saturday.

You love me.

I tried an experiment

Well, you'll notice the tracky gizmo over there, maybe...

I'm stalking you?

Nah, but since I have actual visitors, I think I'm actually going to go ahead and finish working on my layout for you.

You're welcome, everyone.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

More Pictures

So in my crusade to prove Techlab sucks, I took pictures. They did nothing for the goal, but both sets of five are nice.

MX Assortment
ZX-L Night photos

Both of those are ISO 400 film, the first is Kodak Professional Ultra Color, the second is Fujifilm Superia.


Also dog.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Crap you don't care about

I'm turning into a metal head.

I bought an Impellitteri CD today. I don't know that it was worth 18 dollars, but it is quite good. I also bought the first Dream Theater album simply because it was 10 dollars. Uhh... yeah, good times. Two bass drums, pointless guitar solos... let me put it this way, I was mere moments away from purchasing an Yngwie J. Malmsteen album today, and i hate that guy so much it hurts to yell at him. Seriously, go read his FAQ, especially the part about the band he tours with.


And another thing, I'm sick of it. I don't even know what it is, I want to yell at something and I came in here to yell at it but I forgot what it was. I know I was angry at ghettowhitetrash at Arundel Mills. I was also angry at Route 108. I guess the whiskey took an edge off that. Go look at my pictures. I'm good at that and stuff. 9 votes makes me better than a lot of people, especially since I submitted so late in the game.

You know you love me.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

More pictures

Click on over when you have a minute.

The hawk in the blue-sky'ed picture is one that perches on top of H.J. Patterson hall from time to time. I just happened to have my camera with me that time. The grain of the film kind of ruins the shots, but you get the idea. It's still kind of cool.

I'm proud of the bees and that purple flower. Those (and the bluebird) came from around CSPAC. The mockingbird was a result of "I only have one picture left" so the lighting was kind of an experiment. I kind of like the way the center turned out.

Bees are my desktop right now. They also got five votes (oooh, ahh) in the latest farktography thread.

Bask once more in my glory.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I got an email!

(14:44:44) nurrwick: Dear Nathaniel Rutledge,
I am Marvin Rabovsky, the University of Maryland Alumni Association Board of Governors' new president.

(14:44:51) nurrwick: now watch as I compose a response to this email:

(14:45:03) nurrwick: Hello Marvin Rabovsky!
(14:45:38) nurrwick: Is that your middle name? I like very much being called Nathaniel Rutledge, as it symbolizes quite well my open ended nature and straight-guns-for-tomorrow carefree attitude!
(14:46:05) nurrwick: How was being elected? I bet it was really confusing being on a ballot where there were last names to choose from, right?
(14:46:40) nurrwick: I am looking forward very much to actually graduating and having a verifiable reason for both receiving AND deleting your emails!
(14:47:46) nurrwick: Thank you for expressing interest in my potential membership in what is obviously the strongest think tank on campus!
(14:48:14) nurrwick: --Nathaniel "Nat" RW "Kuhn" Rutledge "Class of 2006" Rutledge
(14:48:19) nurrwick: p.s. Wakeland!
(14:49:45) nurrwick: p.p.s. I apologize for using the word Guns! I understand that colleges like our prestigious train wre-- I mean, institution! (you guys almost got me with that one! ha ha!) are pushing hard for a future free from any indications of america's past. I will try harder to be a better representative in the future!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Yet more photographic action

So you can find round six here

Somehow, this roll contained my first ever groundhog pictures. Go me.

I only saw 8 that day.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Pictures are done

There are five sections.


I'll... arrange them soon, or something. I mean, they're arranged correctly, but the presentation is lacking. Anyway, I scanned the negatives on a Nikon Coolscan IV ED (2900 dpi), cropped those that needed it, cleaned out some noise, then shrunk the image to what is more or less approximate to a 1024 by 768 aspect ratio. Some are different, though, and all of the actual images are quite large.

I can make prints for you, if you're interested. Drop me a line, I guess.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Still batch converting...

Yeah, my computer is REALLY slow, so I'll be finishing the images (ha, hopefully) tomorrow at the EMC, yo.

Thanks, Babelfish!

I wanted to google for the men at work sign, the one that doesn't make any sense whatsoever. This.

I got this Portugese-language blog entry.

I translated it.

It's strangely compelling.

We promise that it goes to be brief, we are in ways to initiate the new year, with a foot in the future... We will always start for design.... and in front!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Greetings, true believers

Okay, so since my bill at the camera store was 300 dollars (WINK!), I opted to skip on the digital media from the store. Unfortunately, this means i have to scan the negatives by hand. While this is working out well (a couple of my macro shots ended up a lot better on film than on paper!), I had to deal with a trainwreck of events at the EMC today, and I also had to screw around with getting documentation screenshots taken. Anyway, later today or tonight I will at least have the images online and available. I'll be working on the gallery layouts once I get home; hopefully those are done tonight, though.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Photography goed teh wow


Since Liz brought it up, I might as well tell you to keep your eyes peeled for four (!) rolls of pictures involving the zoo, fireworks, and some birds I found in the corner of campus.

Is there anything else to live for?

Anyway, they should be coming along rather quickly; I intend to have Ritz (shudder) do three of them and make me CDs at the same time. I'm taking my Kodak Professional 100 film to Techlab, though, because I don't trust ritz to not screw up the prints on those ones.

That and they'll probably scratch my negatives.


Sunday, July 10, 2005

I watched a movie

I have to say that the first six minutes of Highlander are, by far and away, the worst movie I've ever seen.

Yes, they stand up as being that bad on their own.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Since I can't shut up about it

This is the camera I want. Yeah, different model name, but you get what you get. Also, I changed the picture at the top there. Granted, the jellyfish came from my MX, but I want to reiterate just how good I am with a camera... I took that with ISO 400 film inside of an aquarium's dark jellyfish area. That means shutter speed of (probably) less than 1/30th of a second, although I don't really remember. I'm only telling you this because I AM FANTASTIC AT WHAT I DO.

Additionally, or something, I'll be taking it easy at work the next couple weeks. This means, to you, that I'll probably clean a real scanner and actually take the time to assemble a web photo gallery. I doubt you need me to tell you this, but I am quite proud of what I do and I'd really like to have a good way to share it with the world at large. Since I can't bring myself to php the tar out of my site, I'm going to do the next best thing: provide you with actual content. This means, more than likely, that I will no longer be hosting audio files here. I just don't have enough space.

Sigh... I just realized some of my best landscape negatives are scratched. They came out of the machine like that. Someone once asked me what I would be most upset over someone taking or ruining, and the reply I came up with eventually was my negatives. The prints don't mean anything, right? Well, they do if the store scratches your backup. ::crying::

ha, you read all that. I just blithered all over the internet, I'm being what I can't stand. Good for you.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Sorry, I've been busy as of late with life. So much so I can't write about it.

I've actually been out doing things, sort of... mostly work, as I've been trying to get about 35 hours a week in at the office. I'm already a good portion of the way done with my database. The checkout system is done (I hope -- I tried to rearrange one of the databases into the main checkout file and it crapped all over itself; my hope is that I fixed all of it today), so all I need to do is figure out how to generate meaningful usage reports. hah... Hours of fun will come of that, I'm sure.

Photography... is on hold for the moment. Due to my moronic spending habits over the last three months, I don't really have the liquidity to take part in my hobbies. I have a bunch of very good pictures on the rolls I have exposed, though, and I am eager to share them with you as soon as I get them developed. My current wish list for my birthday is (along with a new video card) a Pentax ZX-L camera body. It has a working KAF mount (made of metal, no less), which the current ZX-60 camera does not. Basically, if I buy a new pentax camera that isn't the ZX-M, my three K-series lenses (think 1970s) would become useless for action work. With the ZX-L, I get to use all of my lenses, and a neat trick I didn't previously know about is the snap focus, which involves attaching a manual focus lens and having the camera take the picture when an object comes into focus (birds in flight, anyone?). Very neat. I'd go with the ZX-M... it works with my K lenses and my FA compatible Tamron lenses, plus it has Tv and Av program modes, which is the real reason I want a camera body in the first place... but the lens mount is polycarbonate. This means that, as ADD as I am, those 200 dollars I'd spend on the camera would need to happen again in a couple years anyway. Although, that said, it's not like I plan on dumping the MX. I love this camera, and it is absolutely fantastic for still life and scenery, but my habit of taking pictures of all kinds of wildlife would benefit greatly from a 1/2000 second shutter speed and ProgramAE modes. 1/4000 is icing on the cake, as are the different things like bracketing and multi-exposure. Autofocus for my tele/zoom lens would be nice, too.

Uhh... music. Put me in your band.

School. I made the dean's list last term. Bask in my glory.

I guess that's about it.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

So I can't do work

I came in to do database stuff and ACS rebooted about the time I sat down to work. Still not up, as I learned by trying to log in. Amusingly enough, however, the window that informed me of this was one of the funniest I've seen in a while. Large and unspecified. Heh, you silly Windows.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Hi lady

I came back, it took me 14 hours 40 minutes. I didn't get out of the car from the VA/NC border until Columbia. My legs didn't work right, and I really wish I had someone here to sit on my lower back, but you take what you get, which is a shot of whiskey in the hopes of getting some sleep so you can go to the beach tomorrow.

A proper update (with photographs... hah) will be coming up in the next week or less.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I almost forgot

I'm going to Florida today. I'll be back briefly next Monday evening, then I'll be max super plus grade back Tuesday (did I just say that?).

Uh... leave me a message, I guess. Or you know how to get me on the horn.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

I'm done with finals

Yeah... uhh, done with finals. Spring 2005 ended with me having a B- in some class, an A- in corrections, a B in family studies, and a god knows what in Race and Crime. My grade in that class is still out, pending an investigation of the 2.5 pages of completely made up "I think race is necessary if only to curb racism" bullsense. Yes, that's right. Anyway, I may make a 3.5 this term. That would be supernice. As it is now, I'm happy expecting my 3.3. Live in my honor.

So what have I been up to? All last week, I spent most of my time sleeping or being awake at 6. Needless to say, this led to me being utterly unproductive. Since finals ended, I have taught myself many things. The last couple of weeks have been good for the ol' interpersonals. That's an as-it-happens though. Uhh... work is good, I'm waiting to propose that I work full time until it's time to work.

I leave for Florida on Tuesday. I think. I may wait until wednesday, but who knows at this point. I'm taking my bass and amplifier; I want to maybe have my brother experience what life is like on a pro-grade rig and a mid-level bass. This also makes for a convenient excuse to show you what I did today.

SansAmp rack view 1
I fashioned a custom bracket to mount my SansAmp bass driver to my amp and cabinets.
SansAmp rack view 2
Why? Well, many a year ago, my dad presented me a SansAmp Bass Driver DI for christmas. I loved it because, at the time, I had a super-el-cheapo bass that it magically forced into sounding good. Eventually, I bought a better bass, and used it to make my little cheap amplifier sound good. Then I had to sell my bass in November of last year because I had to go to California. In February of this year, I bought my Warwick, and that's been nice, but in March, I had to sell my practice amp and bass processor (because I had to go to California), leaving me with only my stack.* My SansAmp had been, up until today, sititng on the floor where I had been using it with my practice amp. I got sick of this and decided to do something about it. A trip to Home Depot and a couple of bucks later, what you see above is what we have now. It's nice because it can create some natural sounding distortion without worrying me about tube life. More importantly, though, is that it's at an easily adjustable level, which allows me to turn on and off the "sweet spot" more easily and effectively than trying to build a pedalboard to control my amp's equalizer sections. So yeah, that's that. I'll probably update you with how my trip down to Tallahassee goes. I'm planning on showing my brother I already wrote about this.


At least I get to go to the beach when I get back.

* - The rack is as follows:
ETA Lighting systems PD9
Shure LX Wireless Receiver
Korg ToneWorks DTR-2 Tuner (somewhat comparable)
Ampeg SVT3 Pro

all of that in some plastic 6-rackspace ... rack

Then that sits on top of two Bag End S15X-D speaker cabinets (one of which has casters attached to the bottom).
Yeah... Music. Basically, 450 watts of wireless bass goodness that I never use because I'm not in your band. I'm good enough, dammit... you've heard me play if you've read this long enough. I taught myself "Too Many Puppies" today, for crying out loud.

Never mind.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Photo Update

I have been corrected; my seahorse is, in fact, a Sea Dragon.

It takes a big man to admit he's wrong.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Hey, look at that

I redid the header. It's all fancy now, what with the picture and some margins and a box. You like it, I know you do.

You're jealous?

No? Oh, okay, I can only ask so much, after all.

So yeah, concert was good. Gin Blossoms put on a pretty good show, although the one guitar guy kept staring vapidly at the closed concession stands behind the endzone. Their singer crowdsurfed and sang into cell phones. Good times.

Chevelle was allright, although the sound person was something of a retard and mixed everything too hot, so all you heard was raspy distortion. Additionally, one of the drummer's toms was on too loud. The bass player didn't sing half as much harmony as he does on the recordings I've heard, and the guitar player did almost nothing but yell. Good high energy at first, but the "power ballads" toward the end just made everything seem to drag on.

Nancy and I left after three songs. She managed to get me to say they were boring; I guess that's true. I maintain they weren't that bad, but certainly as a follower to chevelle and as closer to a late show, it wasn't high energy enough to keep me interested. That and Guster fans anger me. Not quite as much as chevelle 'fans,' though.

Anyway, we shivered about the mall for a while before heading our separate ways, then the rest of the weekend, I was trying to recover from yelling and being pneumonic (is that a word) all day Friday. I consider it worthwhile, though.

In Other News
I installed Tiger Friday. Runs fine, a bit faster graphically speaking than Panther was. I've made an automator workflow already, it moves files and opens them for me. Dashboard is neat, but it takes up too much memory to justify using right at the moment. When I get around to buying a new system later this year, I'll probably put a gigabyte of RAM in it, and then I can really start dinking around with things.

This leads me into my stylistic change. I like it. The real purpose of this particular update was to move images off the main screen so I could tell if it looks good. Hopefully this is the case, as I don't feel like changing it, nor do I feel like reverting it.

I'm so lazy.

More Spring 2005 Photographs

Yeah, title says it all. Sorry about the delay (not that you noticed), I didn't get to work in the EMC until today. Whoop. As always, click for larger version.

Look at that gradient go!
Tree in front of the Lincoln Memorial

Cliche flowers
This is apparently a cliche.

This tree was busy.
Seriously, the sky was that color here. Cherry tree down in DC.

One flower on the side of a tree.
Another cherry blossom.

Some yellow flower thing.
My alt tag can't be beaten: "Some yellow flower thing."

This fish was staring at me.
Some creepy sea fish that didn't like moving. Monterey aquarium.

there's a seahorse in this picture, I swear.
Seahorse... it's the thing that is in the middle, looks like a seahorse. You can find it, come on... there you go.


Sunday, May 8, 2005

I'm still not dead

Title says it all, I'm just out of energy this weekend. Concert to tell you about, that was hot (in spite of the fact that it was quite the opposite in temperature). uhh... yeah. pictures coming monday, too. Now, here's what the taco has to say:

taco sez dis

Sunday, May 1, 2005

I have a paper to write

I don't know what I want to do with this space... but I do know that there are a lot of things I want to write down. It's a paradox that's been with me since about October, during my miniature bout with depression. I want to write, but I don't know what I want to write because I don't know who my audience is. I can't write for nobody, just as I can't talk to myself about anything important. I think that's why the content here has been so hollow and distant, if not outright stupid: I'm talking to either myself or nobody. It's rare that I get that email from anonymous, so I ask myself "why the hell am I still trying?" as I type up a 1200 word rant about crap nobody outside slashdot cares about.

It pains me to say it, but I agree with Jeff: I miss Terrapins Gone Wild. As much as I hated most of the people there, it was something to do. I knew who was there, I knew who cared to click on my topics. Nothing else I've tried since then has had any degree of success in replacing that environment. People on fark are either retarded or oblivious, and nothing on there is anything I care about anyway. On slashdot, you're ignored if you don't post in the first thread, or on the first page even. I've had, to six posts or so, one response, and one moderator point spent on me. Again, like here, it's just not worth opening up.

Next weekend, I am going to go see my grandmother. I'd like to talk about that, but I already did so where I think more people will appreciate it, so that's out. I've been avoiding talking about how happy I've been in the last five weeks, but I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Yeah, I was miserable while I was out in California, but I guess it's awfully hard to be happy when you're in the midst of a weekend-long breakup of ... well, I'll call it a relationship that lasted two months shy of two years, and you're dealing with that and the sacrifice of having gone out there, and the depressing reality of what's going on around you that you're only observer to. Worst of all, I still cared, and care now, although that's hard for me to admit. I tried to be happy... but I couldn't manage it all that well at the time. I've come to realize now, though, that I probably should have let go earlier. It was selfish of me to expect all that to work, so if she has someone more accessible, then everyone's happier in the end. Call it a load off my shoulders, I suppose. I'd like to brag about how good I am at music. Unfortunately, I don't have any structured environment to tell people to come watch me in. Why? I'm too busy. I don't feel like recording myself all that often, either, for the simple reasons that A) I know it's not going to get me work, and B) only two people download the files in the first place, and one of them doesn't remember anything about them after the fact. I have too much crap to do for school. I'd like to whine about that, but I'm absolutely certain that if 'you' did read this, you wouldn't give a shit about that, either. I'd love to pimp myself for finally being in a position of power at my job after five years of dedicated service, but there's little more to say than what I've said already. I've worked for the university for so long, I should be receiving a service commendation in October.

This summer, I don't know if I have work. That scares me, because I have work I need to get done for the EMC (database redesign), and they're paying me enough to actually make me want to do that, but they haven't cleared any funding for our office. If that doesn't work out, I'm not going to be able to live through the summer. I have already sold my laptop, and I'm not getting rid of my bass again. I like this one far more than the last. I can't sell any of my amp equipment, because I sold my practice amp in March to live through April. I don't have many more CDs that CDepot will take. Worst yet, I don't have much in the way to offer other employers, simply because I don't have the ability to continue working beyond the summer. It's like, I need a job, but I won't be able to get one and have no other way to support myself. Frightening times. Well, only one more semester of this nonsense, then I'll have to find a temporary job to live out the lease on the apartment and go find a job in a juvenile justice department somewhere. Probably Florida, although I have to look at Utah, too.

I can't leave behind family, I've seen what that does.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Now less nerdy!

So I got to campus a bit later than normal today. The State Highway Administration was doing something on 212 at this rickety old bridge that made it so we got to go by one lane at a time. I made it to my classroom at 10:55, still before class. As it turned out, I guess everyone showed up for class today, including this assbag who tends to sit next to me (and I mean next to) and drum on the table while sitting as far askew in his chair as possible. It's a complete intrusion of space, basically, and I hate him enough for that. Well today, he sat in my space. I always sit in the same place in that class... fourth row from the front, first seat right of the centerline. Everyone knows this; on many occasions, Dr. Gaston has called me The Cable Guy (not to be confused with The Cat's Meow) and I've had to force my way out behind all the shitheads that sit as far back in the aisle as possible. It's like they're trying to disrupt the learning process. Anyway, he sat in my space and I was angry because the seat next to him was being made useless by his aforementioned sideways posture (you know, ass on one edge of the seat, back on the other). Fine, okay, I'll sit up there. One row back, other side of centerline. Except nobody in that row wants to let me in. Idiots. Dr. Gaston shows up, and of course the projector's stuck on some setting that doesn't exist. I have to get up and go down there, again dealing with everyone's sloth. Get back up to the top, and he starts teaching.

Assface in my seat isn't even paying attention.

He showed up, as far as I can tell, to listen to music on his filthy iPod, sit so far askew as to be pissed off at the person that actually had to sit next to him, and review notes from some class dealing with types of evidence.

Go home, stupid. Go waste your money somewhere else. I want to come to class to learn, especially when the instructor is as weathered and knowledgable (and entertaining, even) as Dr. Gaston. It's not every day you'll have a chance to take a course from the man who ran Rikers Island. Types of evidence... sigh. Bet you'll fail that class, too.

I hate college students so much. At least the view to the left was much less wholly angering.

Monday, April 25, 2005

On Freedom and Free Software

For those of you who don't care about the nerd laden aspect of my life, please stop reading now, or don't. I warned you.

Linky Link link link.

I like what RMS has done for the world at large. I draw a great deal of hobby from the challenge of getting things to run on my mac that a lot of other people wouldn't think to run. Well, not a lot, necessarily, but I like doing things by hand instead of by fink, especially since fink forces me to rely on people to do package updating for me, which I believe to be a time consuming enterprise, which is why the packages aren't updated very quickly (as a brief example, gaim-stable nonssl is sitting at version 1.1.4; I run gaim 1.2.1). Were it not for the open source nature of packages like GTK and its dependencies, all the way down to the software that comes from the GNU project, I wouldn't be able to do that. Yes, it takes a lot of time and involves some degree of physical pain, but the rewards are great: I have software that only I can accept blame for not working right, and I gain that much greater an understanding of how all this nonsense under my pretty graphics works.

As such, I can't argue with the idea that free software is liberating: it gives me the ability to use my computer the way I want to. I guess that's the dream behind the free software movement, or at least it seems to be from what I've read.

I'm sure my position's been taken a thousand times before, as it doesn't seem that hard to accept as plausible. I believe free software and proprietary software can peacefully and successfully coexist. My setup works that way for me every time I sit down, and that's before I start accounting for /usr/local. As you are probably aware, Mac OS X is a pretty apple interface perched aboard an apple services saddle, all of which rides a GNU/BSD horse, replete with standard tools and GCC. I may not have total access to the inner workings of the things I see, but that doesn't affect my ability to use the computer how I want. I can edit text files using textedit, I can edit text files on the command line using emacs, vi, or pico. I can compile other applications, like nedit. I can download other free and open source programs in many places online. I can buy things like Microsoft Office, or I can download and install from binary or source packages OpenOffice or NeoOffice.

What I really don't understand is why Linux developers using BitKeeper was such a horrible stumbling block to the freedom of the community. Stallman repeatedly states (along with about everyone else speaking out against the apparent travesty use of proprietary CODE MANAGEMENT software would seem to be) that using a proprietary tool, even if free as in beer, is a mortal sin and we should learn that proprietary software is harmful to the community. The only harm I see as having come from use of BitKeeper in kernel code management is Andrew Tridgell (go do a search on Slashdot if you want details, but he pretty much agreed with Stallman and, against the author of BK's will, reverse engineered its protocol [which is far more unethical than using proprietary CODE MANAGEMENT software]) engaging in actively pissing off someone upon whom the Linux community, for better or worse, depended upon.

Why do I emphasize code management? Simple: the words I type in pico are the words I type in Microsoft Word are the words I type in Text Edit are the words I could write by hand using a pen and paper. The important realization in this statement is that the tool I use to direct my creativity has no bearing on my creativity. Apply that mold to the Linux kernel. The source code, which is the important thing here, and is open no matter what, could be managed using BitKeeper, subversion, CVS, or God knows what else I don't know exists. The upshot is that, as long as the code is and remains free, the tool used to keep track of it matters not one bit. If the software allows the developers to use their computers the way they want, then our freedom hasn't been abridged. In fact, what good is Tridgell's open source replacement for BitKeeper if its featureset is dictated by the need to interoperate with a proprietary tool? You can't very well force BK's developers to add features you'd like.

The proper solution to this problem is twofold. First, staunch F/OSS supporters need to come to terms with the reality of proprietary software. Some people wish to receive compensation for their knowledge and efforts. This is perfectly reasonable, given the nature of the society we're forced to live in. Change is gradual, yes, and it won't occur without impetus; however, open source software is, at this time, not strong enough to be that. I agree that freedom in computing is important and that should be an eventual goal among the worldwide community of developers. This is not, however, even a remote possibility today or any time in the near future. The userscape simply isn't well-formed enough to support such an environment. Interoperation is a key element to success; as long as windows exists, for example, free and open source software will have to exist alongside it, for better or for worse. That requirement isn't hindering GNU/Linux or any other open source project. Linux does many things better than Windows for many people, just the same as Windows does many things better than Linux for many people. "Use the right tool for the right job" is a mantra that could really stand to be accepted more widely than it is.

More importantly, though, and certainly instrumental in my desire to share these thoughts with you, is the idea that simply copying the featureset of a proprietary product in an open source implementation doesn't free anyone from anything. The real way out of that bind is to conceptualize, develop, and deploy a set of software that does the job better than the proprietary software package you don't want to use. If the feature set is important and compelling enough to you to warrant effectively breaking the license you agreed to by downloading it, why not duplicate it on your own time, improve it, and pitch it to Linus and the other developers on its own merits? Simply stealing the work of others, proprietary or not, is wrong no matter what. Again, as long as the code remains free, the tools used in turning that code into software remain free, and the final result remains free, it doesn't matter what tools you use to simply keep track of that code. If the way you want to use your computer doesn't fall within the license agreement of proprietary software, don't use that software. If you're gifted enough, come up with your own solution. Most of the people that have problems with proprietary software are talented enough, so even if you weren't, propose it to a newsgroup and agree to lead the project. Just don't reverse engineer things against the license agreement and ruin the way that dozens of other people want to use their computers.

Personal freedom doesn't mean you get to abridge the freedom of others.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Sorry for the delay

I have nothing worth saying, except for what I said with my hands just now.


I apologize, but you may want to turn your speakers down on this one, I recorded using my microphone and it picked up a lot of other noise. But then again, I'm four beers down!WOOOOoo.


Sunday, April 17, 2005

Status Report

So... I made a few changes "under the hood."

I've become sick of looking at source code, so I haven't made any progress on my other project. My hopes for the future are as follows:

Move the bulk of my website to my home machine. This really has one and only one advantage: I get to use PHP/sqlite to run the site, allowing me to cut way back on the amount of maintaining necessary to bring you a "quality" web experience. What will this mean to you? Well, it's my intention at this point to keep all text and small images on my home machine. Reducing my dependence on wam will be a good stepping stone to doing what I want with the internet, instead of the internet doing what it wants with my content.

Continue serving media on my tech fee's shoulders. WAM gives me 100 megabytes, and that's it. Between the textual portion of the site, my picture thumbnails, the myriad MP3 files I've uploaded, and all of the preferences that every damn computer on campus insists upon storing on my server space ensure that space only goes so far. Moving half of that away will make ... well, something.

Have a full and working GTK+ 2.6 X11 environment working. Since I have to sell my iBook, I need to have a way for me to get work done while I'm here or there. The easiest and most painless (in eventuality; my knees and hindquarter are practically screaming at me for having waited through Firefox building in X11 mode) way for me to do this is to enable a web browser, IM client, and editing software usable either via VNC or SSH tunneling. I'd prefer VNC, but I'm not keeping my hopes up for the realVNC supplied x tree patch doing its thing correctly, much less the software working well with's 6.8 release. Anyway, to be able to serve applications remotely to myself is my eventual goal here. I am, I believe, about 80 percent of the way done with this. Firefox is almost done, gaim is almost ready to go (waiting on Firefox's nss libraries, as I understand it) and I have dynamic DNS updating installed. Anyone willing to donate a small USB flash drive? Bogarthlet (the cruzer micro my dad gave me for Christmas) was laid to rest by an airport xray machine, and apparently you're not supposed to put things that shouldn't be shorted out by those sorts of things through security, anyway. I need a replacement to keep an ssh client, an sftp client, preferably an scp client, and a VNC viewer or X11 client. Not likely any time soon, I realize.

Continue being happy. I am now the student coordinator for the College of Arts & Humanities Academic Computing Services/Classroom Support Services Equipment Loan Program. This means, among other things, I finally am working a meaningful position that requires me to do database redesign. Oh boy. The promotion, though, means apparently I get to "live" though, and hopefully when I have less to worry about as far as paying rent goes, I won't have to deal with needing to do stupid crap like wasting money and then having to sell my laptop.

Anyway, that's that. I'm going to try to work out my php scripts tomorrow and at least have the new address up and running half-time so you can become acquainted with it. I'm looking to either next weekend, two weeks from now, or three weeks from now as when I do my migration. I will be trying to include all blogger posts along with all of my old handcoded content. Ambitious, I know, but my hope is that I can just dump the two in somewhere and start anew with PHP and sqlite.

ugh, 4:17am. Later!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

My Browser can beat up your browser

My page header should look like this:
go css dropshadow
Safari renders those... no other browser does. Actually, I went to this site with Mac IE 5.2 and it was retarded enough to ignore a good portion of my positioning code, so I'm terribly sorry to anyone using windows IE <6.0.

I'm in School!

here is woops! click for larger versions!!1``13

I lost my head.
I lost my head.

Power of tangent circles?
Tangent Circles.

I can't even pay attention in the class I love.
I drew my hand.

This is a gomper, apparently.

I moved into a chinese take out box.
Ugly? or Uglied?

I thought you deserved a break from the inanity.

At some point earlier in the term, I thought a ferret in a tank would be a good idea.
Battle Ferret

... would you eat yourself?
if you were a hot dog...

Summon me a dead fish.

This fish is messed up.

I stacked some caps and then started drawing them.
Bored with bottlecaps

Jeff did this to the EMC's whiteboard once. We got yelled at for the monkey business, so jeff later drew a monkey next to the words monkey business. Too bad I don't have that one, too.
Deal with it.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Status Update

I'm not dead. I'm obscenely busy, but not dead. Thought you should know.

One of my many projects in the near future is to transfer a goodly portion of this site to my box at home, allowing me to start learning at least PHP, if not perl, and more importantly, opening my Jabber server to the world at large, allowing me easy file transfer at long last.

In due time.

Monday, April 4, 2005

The Downwardly Adjacent Renter is an Ass...

... or, how you too can be yelled at for beating on the floor to request a reduction in bass emissions.

See, the apartment I live in is kind of crappy. The walls are thin, the floors squeak, it generally lives like it's been built out of cardboard and chicken wire. That said, we try to keep things quiet in here. I walk gingerly throughout the apartment, I take care not to run my amplifier too loud after 5:00 (and even then nowhere near the 450 watts it's rated for), I don't listen to loud music at all hours of the night.

That obviously isn't why I'm writing.

Jeff walked into the apartment this evening and immediately started beating on the floor due to the obscenely loud subwoofer operation in the apartment below us. Good old 89, prior known for its knack for running music entirely too loud for entirely too long entirely too often. Usually on Sunday, usually starting around 11 or 12 and lasting until whenever in the evening they had apparently gone deaf and needed to sleep off their hearing loss.

Not surprisingly, this didn't stop them; it never does. I say "never" meaning "in the three or four times we've resorted to that, it hasn't worked." It was actually so bad last year, I had to go to the office to figure out what the procedure for noise complaints was. They told me, "We don't handle that, you're going to have to call the police." We eventually found a correct phone number for "hoco popo" non-emergency calls, although by that time, they had cut back on the bassfest.

Until this week.

Whenever that was that they did thumpthumpthump in the last seven days, they did it until 11:45 or so. At night. We were like, "this is some shit right here" and then it stopped. Think nothing more of it?

Then today. Jeff beat on the floor, and what happens? Nothing.

Then... Knock Knock.

The asshole actually has the nerve to come up here and become offensive with me simply because we've beaten on his ceiling a few times. I explained to him that "you run the bass loud enough for us to hear it and feel it through the couch, you've run the bass until 11 or 12 at night on several occasions, and we actually suspect that you were the impetus behind the people that live down there [note: staggered terracing means we have a half neighbor] moving out." He said "No, you say past midnight, except once that's a lie, it's lies." He said "Those people, they move out and [unintelligible, not? do?] complain to management, that's bullshit, you come down here and knock and I'll turn it down but I can't help it how this place is made, how you hear, you know you guys we can hear you walk and we don't complain."

I don't get it. I don't get how us walking is akin to you playing your arhythmic shit bass for hours on end. Walking is necessary for life, bass isn't. I live in a damn apartment, not above a concert hall, so keep it to a dull roar, alright? The only shame about the way I handled myself (aside from the fact that apparently I hold absolutely no "cred" with [expletive deleted] who live below me) is that I should have explained to him that the only way you get to complain around here is by calling the cops, and that's what the management says, so it's not something we're making up. Be glad we didn't do that."

Sigh... I hate living here. Nobody around here is at all aware of the people around them. It makes me sad and fills me with desire to go back to my small mountain town with stories of the intolerant ways of the city.

Sunday, April 3, 2005

Go Sudafed

I'm totally high on cold medicine. Apparently I thought you should know this.

Who is you? I was wondering earlier and don't seem to care enough right now to withhold the question: does anyone actually read this when I get around to updating? I understand I don't have a lot to say, but you know, the curiosity gets to me sometimes.

I watched parts of the Storytellers that was on VH1 last night, what with its Green Day nature. Seeing them in that situation made me a little sad, but they're still good times. All it really did was make me want my old VHS copy of their Live at the 10 Spot show that aired on MTV in like... 1998? I think... anyway, yeah being forced to do somebody else's show doesn't work real well for them. It's when they can goof around and do what they want that ... you know what, never mind, I'm sick of being pretentious about music. I don't have the facilities for it right now. Back to Van Wilder.